Since its inception, The Sundance Company has developed and invested its talent, energy and resources to provide communities, consumers, and businesses in the Treasure Valley with boundless opportunities. As one of the most trusted and experienced commercial real estate leaders in the greater Boise metropolitan area, the business has concentrated a substantial part of its core efforts on commercial real estate development.

The Sundance Company has opted to go beyond the typical commercial real estate development role as the company likes to take a visionary approach to its commercial real estate developments. The firm looks beyond today’s world to determine what buildings will be needed – and where they need to be – years from now. Commercial real estate developers take the greatest risk by looking into the future and predicting what tomorrow’s businesses and consumers will need as it is far from an exact science, but The Sundance Company feels their projections and track record have been successful largely due to their expertise and understanding of the Treasure Valley.

Their latest project – Silverstone Corporate Plaza – is an excellent example. In October 2008, The Sundance Company commenced construction on the 124,000 square foot, Class A office condominium located within the highly coveted Silverstone development at Eagle and Overland Roads in Meridian. The Corporate Plaza is slated for completion by mid –summer 2009. But when the company was founded in 1976, did the founders imagine commercial buildings, office complexes, and retail centers in an area such as Eagle and Overland in Meridian?

“Yes. My father, Roger Anderson, had a vision for The Sundance Company and sought out these opportunities and turned them into a reality,” said Travis Anderson, Chief Operating Officer. “In the process it has helped communities in the greater Boise metropolitan area like Meridian and Nampa continue to grow and flourish.

“Tomorrow’s manufacturers, distributors, retailers and employers will have a home in the Treasure Valley because The Sundance Company has the daring and vision to foresee their needs.”

The Sundance Company is experienced in all phases of the commercial real estate development process. Their finely-tuned process includes the financial feasibility of commercial real estate development, which involves the identification and evaluation of critical assumptions related to the creation, construction, and operation of economically viable commercial real estate projects in the Boise, Meridian, and Nampa area. From idea inception to asset management, their thorough understanding of this process benefits not only The Sundance Company, but investors, lenders, builders and communities as well.

About The Sundance Company
The Sundance Company has become a development powerhouse with more than 30 years of successful history in Idaho’s Treasure Valley and the Boise metropolitan area. Sundance is one of the few local companies that self-manages and maintains its own properties—enjoying higher occupancy levels and superior quality control for its projects. Savvy tenants and buyers look to Sundance for development; office, warehouse, and retail leasing; property management; build-to-suit/construction; and land and building sales.

With more than 1.5 million square feet of prime office and industrial space in the greater Treasure Valley. Sundance has the size and diversity to avoid the need for a “one-size-fits-all” approach—thereby assuring customized solutions that are genuinely tailored to each client’s needs.

Every Sundance project is conceived and executed with integrity, innovation, accountability, and dedication by a team of seasoned experts who always remains mindful not only of tangible aspects of a property transaction but also the intangible. The in-house management team values its personal connections and the relationship of trust it has created with its tenants and property owners, which include national and regional companies, some of whom have been in Sundance buildings for more than 15 years.


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