Software company Neoreef is taking advantage of economic downtimes to move its offices from a location near downtown Boise to The Sundance Company’s Silverstone Business Campus in Meridian, Idaho.

The SilverStone Business Campus is a 90-acre master planned employment center centrally located in Meridian – one of the most rapidly growing cities in the Boise metropolitan area. The campus is ideally located 1/4 mile from Interstate 84 at the Eagle Interchange, and there are more than 1 million square feet of tenant amenities within minutes of the SilverStone Business Campus.

“Right now it’s an ideal time in the commercial real estate market – prices are down. You have the opportunity to renegotiate your lease for a lower rate, or move to something nicer at the same rate you were paying,” said company president and CEO Brian Ernesto. “We moved to a much nicer office in a lot better location – it’s been a very positive move for us.”

The new 1,300-square-foot location, at 1880 S. Cobalt Point Way, Suite 210, is larger than the company’s previous 1,200 square feet, but Ernesto said the real advantage is better access to clients and shortened drive times for employees.

He said while the company has experienced a lull over past year, the new space also offers more flexibility for expansion.

“We’re still growing. Things are definitely slowed down from the rapid, break-neck growth we were seeing last year … (but) we’re still finding that we’re getting some really nice clients this year,” Ernesto said.

“Our old location was nice on the inside, but the location wasn’t necessarily representative of the company we are,” Ernesto said. “The companies that we’re near now are similar to the types of clients we represent.”

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