The prospect of moving office locations can be filled with negative initial resistance, considering the disruption and important decision involved. However, it can typically be the right decision to make, especially in regards to a rougher-than-normal financial status that currently effects quite literally everyone involved in commerce at the present. So when is a good time to consider relocating a business? What are the options for relocation?

There are a variety of reasons for businesses to pick up and try a new location. A common reason is for expansion and outgrowth. Simply put, success may make an older office location too cramped and confining if a corporation plans to realize its fullest profit potential. Relocation during an expansion positively affects productivity, efficiency, staff morale, and most importantly financial status for a growing company. Somewhat related to expansion, the need for a better-suited location can also be an oft-cited reason for relocation. If a business needs a creative business district to thrive and attract new potential clients, its often worth the price to pick up and relocate–especially when continued revenue streams will prevent a company from going under during a threatening economic period.

Easy options exist for companies to relocate, thanks to serviced and managed office solution providers. Without the need to agree to lengthy leasing terms and high upfront fees, any organization that needs to relocate either temporarily or for a longer period can quickly ease into a new location with fully-furnished office equipment, services, and a flexible rental agreement should the new location prove untenable. Even expanding businesses will find serviced offices quite useful when exploiting the flexibility in leasing terms to add on to the company’s office space upon short notice, and such short-term office solutions really become a cureall for aiding any thriving business in navigating past the rough waters post-credit crunch.

If your company is ready to relocate, then contact The Sundance Company today. With more than 1.5 million square feet of office and industrial space available in prime Boise and Meridian locations, The Sundance Company has the experience to help you with your commercial real estate needs in Boise, Meridian, Nampa, and the greater Treasure Valley.

Please check out The Sundance Company website to view property photos, search for office space or learn more about Sundance’s start-to-finish capabilities. If you prefer to talk to someone in person about your commercial real estate needs, then just give us a call at our Boise office, (208) 322-7300.


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