There are many reasons why it is prudent to consider  executive suites for your office space needs!  Executive suites are both convenient and cost effective. Below are a few examples of both reasons.


There are many factors that make executive suites a much more practical solution than simply leasing an empty office space:

  • You can find office space for whatever size requirement you have (excluding very large companies) in a variety of convenient locations!
  • You can lease one office or an entire suite of offices depending on your needs.
  • Don’t want to spend months searching for the perfect space and more time moving? Need to get to work right away? Executive suites are all ready for your company so all you need to do is walk in and start doing business!
  • Executive suites and virtual offices offer a professional location to hold meetings or meet with clients for businesses that are run from home.
  • Leases tend to be very flexible, and expansion can be easily accommodated.
  • You have the ability to change your location at short notice if the current office location is not working out.
  • With executive suites, you make no capital investment. All equipment and facilities come fully equipped and the use of all of them is included in your agreement!

You will have the services of trained support staff which frees up you and your employees to “get down to business” without having to worry about the hassles of running an office.


So, executive suites sound very convenient and all, but there must be a catch. They are probably much more expensive than regular office space, right? WRONG! In addition to being more convenient, executive suites/virtual offices are generally more affordable than traditional office space. Since all of the equipment and furnishings that you would need to operate your office are already included in your executive suite, you instantly save money that you would have otherwise had to spend in order to stock your office. Due to this, executive suite spaces can be up to 40% cheaper than the cost of leasing a comparable sized office space alone. In addition, you have the opportunity to cut other costs by taking advantage of on-site professionals, including receptionists, a clerical staff and IT.

New or fast growing companies will find it beneficial and cost efficient to lease an executive suite because it enables them to find the perfect space for the current size of their company — and plan for the future! It is possible to lease one or several suites for your initial employees, and then add on new suites as your company grows! That might be easier than either relocating offices every few years, or leasing a large office space thinking that your company will “grow into it.”

If an executive suite or office sounds ideal to you then please check out The Sundance Company’s Silverstone Corporate Plaza. The 120,000-square-foot, Class-A office condominium, located within the sought-after Silverstone Park, offers spaces ranging from 3,000 to 90,000 square feet and features an unprecedented combination of amenities including business concierge services, executive boardrooms, conference rooms, and covered parking. For further information about leasing/ownership please call 208-322-7300 or visit


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