If you want to make the most of your work, a feng shui office space might be the way to go. A few minor adjustments may be all you need to get a raise, nab the corner office or even start your own business. It’s all a matter of creating an office space that is both supportive and inspiring. The more thought you put into your surroundings, the easier it will be to set and meet your goals.

Do have a clear view of the entrance from your work station. This will lend a sense of security that enables you to concentrate. A clear view of the door will also help you spot career opportunities that you’d otherwise miss. If you can’t move your desk, position a mirror to reflect the entrance door.

Don’t face a wall while you work. Working this way could result in a dead-end job. If you can’t reposition yourself, hang a picture that affords a depth view at eye level. A scene of a winding road or river that features near and far objects will help you move forward toward your career objectives.

Do define your personal area. Placing a small mat or area rug at the entrance of your work space will inhibit people from walking in unannounced. This is an especially good cure if you work in a cubicle. If you have your own office, hang a pleasant-sounding bell from the door to alert you to visitors.

Don’t let items pile up on the floor. This will keep you stuck in the past, making it hard to meet deadlines or finish ongoing projects. Store materials that you regularly use in easily accessible file cabinets, bins and boxes. Keep a portfolio of work samples in a place where it won’t impede your daily work. Finally, sort through your papers once a month and discard unnecessary materials.

Do put symbols of future goals above your eye level. If you want a promotion, put a tall plant on top of a bookcase or file cabinet. To reach a sales goal, write your target number in red marker on a green piece of paper, and post it over the door. Looking for a new job? Post something that symbolizes this desire directly across from your work station, just above your line of vision.

Don’t let a bad work chair undermine your performance. If your company won’t pay for a better seat, it’s worth paying out of pocket for one. Choose a chair that is high enough to support your upper back. The height of your chair should allow you to place your hands on the desk at a 90-degree angle while your feet rest flat on the floor. If your work requires creativity, choose a chair that allows you to recline.

Do build trust by integrating organic materials into your work space. Wicker baskets, wooden paper trays, crystal paperweights, ceramic mugs and potted plants will encourage people to let down their guard with you. That’s because representations of nature are extremely reassuring in a business environment.

Don’t become distanced from your dreams. If your job doesn’t bear any relation to the work you really want to do, incorporate water into your office. This can include an indoor fountain, a noise machine that replicates the sound of running water, or a picture of a moving body of water. Water features keep you tuned into your innermost desires, encouraging you to take steps toward your ultimate career goals.

Do draw attention to your achievements. Frame any diplomas, certificate or awards and place them in the far left corner of your office. If you’re not able to display such items in your work station, install a high-watt light bulb in your desk lamp. Better yet, get a floor lamp that casts light up toward the ceiling. This will increase your visibility in the workplace. Lighting a red candle at your desk each day can help, too.

Don’t let items pile up on your desk. Clear your desk at the end of each work day, leaving out only the materials you use on a daily basis. (Your phone, computer, lamp, writing implements, etc.) You’ll feel much less overwhelmed when you sit at a clear desk every morning. Clear out your voice mail and e-mail boxes at the end of each day, too. This will save valuable time and energy, and help prioritize your work.

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