Meeting rooms and conference centers have become increasingly popular in recent years. Large and small companies across the country utilize these specialized spaces for meetings and conferences of all sizes. There are many reasons why companies are moving their meetings away from the back room of the office and into these spaces. Below are just a few of the reasons why:

  • There has been a growth of well equipped, professional, and conveniently located meeting spaces over the years, so chances are there is a top facility in your neighborhood.
  • A change of location can rejuvenate and inspire a team that has been crammed into small office conference rooms for years.
  • Booking a meeting room is a quick and easy process, and most centers allow you to conveniently book online.
  • Rooms often come fully equipped with high-speed internet and phone, projectors, whiteboards, computer terminals, televisions, and DVD players. In other words, everything that you will need for your meeting.
  • Many venues offer on-site support staff, catering, and more.
  • Venues offer a variety of meeting room options. You will be able to choose the meeting room that is right for your purposes. Whether you need a small room for an intimate board meeting or a large conference space with hundreds of occupants, the space for you exists.
  • Flexible time frames are also available. Many venues offer rooms for a minimum of 1 hour and of course you can book it for however long you need.

If your business needs to book a room for a company meeting, then visit No detail has been overlooked in any of the Silverstone Amenity Center conference and meeting rooms, which feature the integration of high-tech audio/visual capabilities, wireless internet, and video teleconferencing. Whether you’re hosting a business meeting, corporate retreat, or holiday party, The Silverstone Amenity Center is the perfect location for any occasion. Located at the corner of Eagle and Overland Roads, in the Silverstone Park, the Amenity Center is right in the heart of the Boise Valley.


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