Improving Productivity with Hand Sanitizers?

Every year, companies across the country lose more than 63 billion dollars of productivity due to employee sickness. Work illnesses contribute to lost output, reduced worker efficiency, and man power shortfalls that account for the majority of the money lost due to worker illness and injury.

Throughout the fiscal year, workers on average take 8 annual sick days. Once regarded as a simple “cost of doing business” scenario, companies now have an option to fight unforeseen and avoidable staff sick time which ultimately drains the organization’s bottom line. This highly effective tool for fighting illness and keeping office productivity high is hand sanitizer. Surprisingly, merely installing and using a hand sanitizer dispenser on site can help save an organization billions of dollars a year.

By simply installing dispensers and enforcing a company policy on their use, the office can stay healthier and more productive throughout the year. A hand sanitizer dispenser at the entrance of the cafeteria, conference rooms, and any other high-traffic common area will help stop the spread of germs. Something as simple as a rinse free, nonalcoholic gel or foam can stop illnesses from spreading through an innocent handshake or cough.

Convenience is king when it comes to an effective office policy. Mounting a clearly visible and easily accessible hand sanitizer dispenser on the wall next to all main entrances and outside of bathrooms will help employees remember to use them often. Workers will quickly become accustomed to accessing a quick shot of hand sanitizer as they function throughout the day in various parts of the office. This practice will ultimately help prevent them from becoming infected with any sickness as well as help prohibit them from passing germs on to colleagues.

Communicable illnesses force companies to forfeit copious amounts of productivity annually. Due to the strain of the current economic climate, people tend to return to work before obtaining a completely clean bill of health, thus perpetrating a germ’s continuing lifecycle by passing it on to unsuspecting coworkers. Each cold working its way through the staff ranks makes it easy to recognize its effect on overall output.

About The Sundance Company
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