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Writing content never gets any easier. 

Planning topics, figuring out what to write, crafting a catchy subject line, coming up with a call-to-action, and of course, writing content that actually converts. Getting it right takes time, practice, and inspiration. 

It’s all about planning

Plan email content in advance and include it in your content calendar. That way, it’s less likely to slip off your radar. This also makes it easier to link email campaigns with other marketing strategies, such as press releases or product launches, and will give you “double bang for your buck”. 

Another tip is to ensure that your call-to-action (CTA) is clear and relevant. Don’t be tempted to go for clickbait – if you promise something, make sure you deliver on it in as few clicks as possible. 

Finally, on that note, focus on making the customer journey is seamless.  

Use your own voice

Your customers are there partially because they want to be with a small business. They want to know your journey, how you’re getting through this. This is a letter to them.

While your content can (and should) be human, your subject line can be punchier. You can use this space to include other elements of the email – such as a promotion – to entice readers to open it. Once you have their attention, speak to them personally. Even if it’s just a small introduction, this is your chance to use your own voice and level with your members as a fellow business owner. 

Keep it simple, fun, and consistent. 

The ‘simple’ rule is that it’s a weekly newsletter to everyone in community, in a simple format that’s open to everybody. It’s fun and personable; a letter from you about what’s going on in the world and in the community. As for consistency, it’s sent the same day without fail. 

Another fun element is in the name. Rather than calling your newsletter a newsletter, give it a name. It’s obvious that it’s a newsletter, so this is your chance to inject a little personality. 

Leverage your events

Events might be a big part of their community, so your marketing strategy might focus almost entirely on your events program. It keeps the content fresh. There is always new content, new events, reminders, updates, and recaps, which gives you plenty of new content. It also gives you a great opportunity to change the imagery in your newsletter.  By leveraging events you get lots of new marketing imagery such as headshots of speakers and photos of people in your space. 

It gives people a reason to share your newsletter. A lot of people who want to go to an event don’t want to go alone, so they share it with other people and either invite them, or send it along for their interest, which attracts new subscribers. Finally, it shows off the vibrancy of your space. Events bring people together and show that you have a vibrant community, that you’re “a convener.

Portions of this article originally appeared on the All Work Space website.

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