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Here are some suggestions on how to spend your break time more wisely to help improve your well-being and overall productivity. 


To exercise, you do not need gym equipment. You just need yourself, some physical space, and time. Luckily, breaks at work tend to provide all three of these conditions. 

Exercise has been proven time and time again to reduce mental fatigue, while improving feelings of depression, anxiety, and physical fatigue. 

Some ways to exercise on breaks can consist of stretching or long walks –in other words, exercise workers can do while still having the ability to talk, because you won’t be too out of breath. This may be preferable as such exercises allow you to reap all of the benefits of regular general exercise, without returning to the office all sweaty. 


The trope that “reading is not for everyone” is nonsense. Some may prefer the idea that those who do not read have simply yet to find a book suited to their tastes.   

Use your break to consider the things you are interested in. This could be as simple as your love for sports or fashion. No matter what it is, you can expand the dimensions of your interest by bolstering it with the beautiful information conveyed about it in books.

It isn’t just that reading can expand your understanding of your interests. It is also good for your brain, well-being, and productivity. In fact, reading can help you speak clearer and with a greater grasp of language, which is sure to benefit your performance at work. 

Get lunch or coffee with a coworker 

The modern-era is surely the most socially isolated.  

Many find it challenging to make friends at work, and when we are on our breaks, it is palpably clear that people prefer to spend their breaks alone –as is indicated by their being glued to their phones. 

Social isolation, however, can bring with it devastating health consequences, including but not limited to heart problems. As we get older, and old friends begin to have families and move away, some of our only opportunities for social connections occur at work.  

Hence, it is worth putting your best foot forward when it comes to making friends with work colleagues. Ask others if they’d be interested in getting coffee and lunch during break time. Chatting with your coworkers can be an extremely rewarding pursuit –these are the sort of interactions that can even manifest into lifelong friendships!  

Use your breaks to relax and zone out when that is needed. We all have that need from time to time.

Doing so will help to improve your well-being, productivity, and career in the long run. 

Portions of this article originally appeared on the AllWork.Space website.

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