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Remember how fun it was to spend an entire day outside when you were younger? Grounding is a way to get that feeling of joy, relaxation, and energy back in today’s fast-paced world. Connecting to the natural energy of the Earth boosts energy and helps individuals stay present instead of worrying about tomorrow or next week. Grounding methods are best practiced outdoors for maximum effect.

1. Spend leisure time in nature

One of the most vital parts of grounding is reconnecting with nature on a personal level. This can be as simple as walking barefoot in the grass, taking a swim in the ocean or a lake, or grabbing camping gear and escaping for a weekend. During bonding time with the outdoors, the physical body can relax and decrease stress on a mental and spiritual level. Listening to the naturally occurring sounds of water, animals, or simply the wind in the trees can help reduce tension. Touch trees and rocks or feel the water running through your fingers. In one study researchers worked hard to break participant concentration over a designated period. After this, each study group took part in a separate activity to gauge the most effective way to regain focus. Subjects that took a walk-in nature could perform proofreading tasks better than those who took a walk in the city or simply relaxed. For the best possible results turn off all mobile devices or silence them and don’t use them for anything other than an emergency.

2. Exercise in the fresh air

Exercise routines used as grounding techniques can include hiking, running, or walking on forest or park paths. Studies show that spending time outdoors increases energy in most people. Pumping fresh air into your lungs cleans them and helps prevent respiratory issues by releasing toxins. Exercising may also have the following positive effects on physical and mental health:

  • Increases circulation
  • Stabilizes mood
  • Decreases blood pressure
  • Improves heart rate
  • Boosts immune system defenses

Another beneficial outdoor exercise is yoga since the positions require constant contact with the ground. When the body and mind are healthy and working as one-unit, everyday stress has less of an impact on overall energy levels. Several types of yoga aides are available for use both indoors and outdoors to create a comfortable, relaxing environment that helps dispel negative energy. Combine yoga with meditation for further spiritual and physical benefits.

3. Meditate to restore balance

The goal of meditation is to clear the mind, but it takes an immense amount of practice to reach that level of clarity. Most beginners use meditative tools like meditation fountains, step-by-step DVDs, guided CDs, and aromatherapy for focus. Aromatherapy is a holistic treatment that uses essential oils to improve emotional and physical health through scent. Forms of aromatherapy have existed for hundreds of years and have gained credibility in medical science as a valid treatment for stress and other maladies. Water is another natural healer for busy minds; it contains a large amount of pure energy that can recharge depleted emotional and mental energy. Spots next to lakes, oceans, ponds, and other natural water sources provide excellent places for quiet reflection and grounding through meditation. Being able to refocus mental and physical energy assists in decreasing the impact of everyday stresses of personal or work commitments and responsibilities.

When facing hectic workloads and schedules, it’s important to fit in daily personal time to recenter and regain perspective. Taking time out in nature using the grounding techniques above can aid to improve mood, increase energy, and decrease stress.

Portions of this article originally appeared on the Quill website.

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